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Rudraksha Armband
Rudraksha Armband Rudraksha Armband Rudraksha Armband

Rudraksha - Bracelet

Moss Flower

26,95 € VAT included

Moss Flower: The tangible smell of moss flowers and the feel of a forest walk early on a Sunday morning will enliven your senses when you wear this Mala made of rudrakshas, tree agate and rhodonite.

 A little bit hippy, a little bit surfer or just chic - our Rudraksha Bracelets are the perfect complement to our fashionable Mala chains. Each design has a matching bracelet and vice versa. Wear our bracelets singly or put several together as a decorative accessory on your days off with sneakers and jeans, linen trousers and rolled-up sleeves or a long, floaty summer dress. However you wear them, they will complement your cool look and can be worn on any occasion.

The bracelet is available in two different sizes. In size L it can also be worn as an ankle chain.

This bracelet is also available as a set together with the chain.

MaterialRudrakshas Seeds Ø 8 mm, Tree Agate Ø 8 mm, Rhodonite Ø 6 mm