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Rudraksha Mala
Rudraksha Mala Rudraksha Mala Rudraksha Mala Rudraksha Mala Rudraksha Mala

Rudraksha Mala - Necklace

Sweet Pastel


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Sweet Pastel: The bright and cheerful pastel shades of the amazonite gemstone beads recall a visit to the candy shop and have a harmonising effect. This Mala, knotted from rudraksha seeds and amazonite beads, adds vitality and enhances your feminine energy.

Are you a surfer, a hippy, a dancer, a yogi or just an everyday hero? There is a Mala just for you! Malas protect you against negative thoughts and give you the strength to protect yourself against external influences. Mala is the name of the meditation or prayer necklace that originated in Hinduism and Buddhism. The necklace usually consists of 108 beads or seeds to make the counting of mantras during meditation easier.

Our Mala necklaces are lovingly knotted by hand in Germany, there is a knot between each bead, ensuring the high quality of our Malas. We only use rudraksha seeds from India and genuine gemstones to give the wearer peace and strength - each piece is unique.

This necklace is availabe together with the bracelet as a set.

MaterialRudraksha seeds Ø 8 mm, amazonite Ø 8 mm, brass beads 8 x 5,5 mm