Yoga Mat + Towel + Block + Strap Set View larger
Yoga Mat + Towel + Block + Strap Set
Yoga Mat + Towel + Block + Strap Set Yoga Mat + Towel + Block + Strap Set Yoga Mat + Towel + Block + Strap Set Yoga Mat + Towel + Block + Strap Set Yoga Mat + Towel + Block + Strap Set

VIO YOGA® Set - Blue Aztec

Blue OEKO-TEX® + Towel + Block + Strap


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You don't want to make any compromises? Then the VIO YOGA Black Eco is the yoga mat for you: It has grip, is durable, robust, elastic and cushioning despite the reduced thickness of 4.5 mm. Its durability, functionality and minimal wearing characteristics make it especially suitable especially for more powerful yoga styles. Our Blue Eco Yoga Mat is produced in Germany, tested for harmful substances according to Oeko-Tex Standard 100.1 (safe for babies) and is machine washable at 40 °. It's a real all-rounder!

Multitalent! All in one and a unique design - what more do you want?
The VIO YOGA Velvet Towel dries quickly, is particularly absorbent, non-slip and super light! The towel is ideal on top of a mat, as it gives you more grip and is more hygienic, especially on a borrowed mat e.g. in the studio - no more unnecessary dragging of your own mat! Likewise, you can use the towel as travel yoga mat, because of the low weight and small pack size it is a fabulous travel companion. We recommend the VIO YOGA Velvet Towel also as a travel towel: it consists of the same material as usual travel towels and dries very quickly. The velvety surface of the VIO YOGA Velvet Towel absorbs moisture and the more you sweat, the more grip you have. he mat is particularly suitable for dynamic and sweaty yoga styles, e.g. Bikram (Hot Yoga) and Vinyasa. 

There is strength in serenity: Some asanas challenge your balance and flexibility, particularly when you first start to practice yoga. The VIO YOGA Cork Block helps you to retain your inner peace and perform the asana correctly. Our Yoga Block is not only a tool for beginners but is also ideal for experienced yoga practitioners, who wish to improve their flexibility. Depending on the requirements of the pose, it can be used upright, lengthwise or horizontally. It is made of 100% natural cork, has a soft, non-slip, surface and rounded edges. The VIO YOGA cork block is also very suitable for allergy sufferers and people with sensitive skin. Since the cork cells are self-contained, dust and dirt can not penetrate. Thus the block is not only easy to clean (just wipe it off!) it is also antibacterial.

Stretch yourself and take your yoga practice to the next level: The VIO YOGA Strap gives you some extra length to help you deepen the stretch in your asanas. The belt made of pure cotton with its sturdy metal rings also gives you a secure grip for your exercises. The Yoga Strap or yogi belt becomes an extension of your arms and is especially helpful for beginners to perform their yoga exercises correctly.

MaterialMat: PVC made of vinyl foam / Towel: 100% Microfiber / Strap: 100% Cotton / Block: 100% natural cork
DimensionsMat: 200 x 60 x 0.45 cm / Towel: 183 x 61 cm / Strap: ca. 2.5 m x 3.8 cm / Block: 22.5 x 11.5 x 6.5 cm
WeightMat: ca. 1.55 kg

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