VIO YOGA® Set - Velvet Atztec View larger
VIO YOGA® Set - Velvet Atztec
VIO YOGA® Set - Velvet Atztec VIO YOGA® Set - Velvet Atztec VIO YOGA® Set - Velvet Atztec VIO YOGA® Set - Velvet Atztec VIO YOGA® Set - Velvet Atztec VIO YOGA® Set - Velvet Atztec VIO YOGA® Set - Velvet Atztec VIO YOGA® Set - Velvet Atztec

VIO YOGA® Set - Velvet Aztec

Velvet Rug + Mat Bag + 2 Blocks + Strap


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Are you a fan of 2 in 1? Then 3 in 1 is a lot better and the VIO YOGA® Velvet Rug is the right yoga mat for you! An absolutely non-slip bottom made of natural rubber, a super soft microfiber surface and a unique design - a beautiful hybrid of yoga mat and yoga towel! The powerful colours of our Aztec pattern definitely ensure a good mood. The velvety surface absorbs moisture and the more you sweat, the more grip you have. So a towel is no longer necessary, so no more fabric folds and no more slipping and you don't have to carry unnecessary weight.

The mat is particularly suitable for dynamic and sweaty yoga styles, e.g. Bikram (Hot Yoga) and Vinyasa. If you prefer softer yoga sessions, you can simply spray a little water on the mat and convince yourself of the great grip. The bottom made of natural rubber offers you a safe stand, is damping and grippy.  

The VIO YOGA® Velvet Rugs are 100% recyclable and machine washable (30°). The mat is also free of PVC, plastic, silicone and phthalates. Our Velvet Rugs have a long durability and are therefore sustainable. Even if you practice yoga intensively, the mats have almost no abrasion signs.

Whether by foot, on your bike, in the car or on the train, the VIO YOGA Mat Bag is the most practical and attractive solution for transporting your yoga mat.

It is closed quickly with a drawstring, has an adjustable shoulder strap and is made of 100% cotton. The VIO YOGA Matt Bag in characteristic VIO YOGA design is trendy and stylish. This bag is tailor-made to suit the needs of urban yogis and is the perfect companion. The Yoga Mat Bag is part of a collection with an individual design. Matching this collection we offer a Meditation Cushion. All Meditation Cushions and Mat Bags are Made in Germany. They are produced by people with disabilities in the "Bonner Werkstätten". Social responsibility is one of our most important concerns of the heart.

There is strength in serenity: Some asanas challenge your balance and flexibility, particularly when you first start to practice yoga. The VIO YOGA Cork Block Set, consisting of two blocks, helps you to retain your inner peace and perform the asana correctly. Our Yoga Blocks are not only a tool for beginners but is also ideal for experienced yoga practitioners, who wish to improve their flexibility. Depending on the requirements of the pose, they can be used upright, lengthwise or horizontally. They are made of 100% natural cork, have a soft, non-slip, surface and rounded edges.

Stretch yourself and take your yoga practice to the next level: The VIO YOGA Strap gives you some extra length to help you deepen the stretch in your asanas. The belt made of pure cotton with its sturdy metal rings also gives you a secure grip for your exercises. The Yoga Strap or yogi belt becomes an extension of your arms and is especially helpful for beginners to perform their yoga exercises correctly. All VIO YOGA strap are handmade in Germany.

MaterialMat: natural rubber with microfiber surface / Mat Bag: 100% cotton / Strap: 100% Cotton / Block: 100% natural Cork
DimensionsMat: 183 x 61 x 0.3 cm / Mat Bag: 62 x 15.5 ø cm / Strap: ca. 2,5 m x 3,8 cm / Block: 22.5 x 11.5 x 6.5 cm
WeightMat: ca. 2.8 kg / Block: ca. 0,4 kg


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